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AgDevCo Invests $1.8m in Malawi Poultry Sector

AgDevCo Invests $1.8m in Malawi Poultry Sector

A Malawian poultry operator is receiving a $1.8 million, seven-year debt investment from AgDevCo, a social impact agribusiness investor.

Food and Feeds Wholesalers Ltd, trading as Kapani, is expanding its business to meet the growing customer demand for quality meat products. The company will build a modern processing unit and will buy from local farmers, providing training and a reliable market.

Kapani specializes in dressed poultry products for the local market. They will buy chickens from 1,000 small-scale contracted chicken producers, process the chickens and sell them under a new brand targeting their market.

The investment from AgDevCo’s will help the company expand in Malawi and later on within the East Africa region.

According to the owner of Kapani, Leon Swart, the poultry industry in Malawi is expanding and this investment gives the small farmers the opportunity to enter the formal and commercial markets.

Business Associate for AgDevCo Malawi, Riz Khan, believe this investment is a great opportunity to develop the poultry business and to help the informal sector in growing their business.


AgDevCo is a not-for-profit distribution company incorporated in United Kingdom. It is a social impact investor and agribusiness project developer supported by UKAid. Its mission is to reduce poverty and improve food security. To date, it has already invested over USD 100 million in 53 agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa. Their action helped connecting tens of thousands of farmers to markets and generated over 3,200 jobs. Do you want to know more? Visit http://www.agdevco.com.


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