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Malawi Polytechnic College Upgrades Its Old Annex Wing

Malawi Polytechnic College Upgrades Its Old Annex Wing

Malawi Polytechnic which is a constituent college of the University of Malawi is upgrading its old annex wing. This follows after African Development Bank (AfDB) funded $ 4,424,l43 for the project. The funds will be used to build a four-storey building. The annex wing of the Polytechnic was built in 1960. This was before the construction of the current main campus which is located along Masauko – Chipembere highway near Queens Elizabeth Hospital.

The main contractor, PLEM Construction Company, has achieved 28% of the project. The project was to be completed after 52 weeks from the day of launching. However, due to inconsistency in funding, the project has not been completed.

According to Oluk William who is the supervisor for Joadah Consultants, financial constraints have dragged the project, but it will be completed by July 2018. He said that upon completion, the first floor will mainly be for ICT services. The second floor will be used as a learning and resource floor. Therefore, the last two floors will be used as lecture theaters.

Dr. Ignasio Ngoma who is the project coordinator from Higher Education Science and Technology was optimistic and said that since the concrete and framework are completed, the rest will be accomplished. The project was started on September 15, 2016.

The work that remains now majorly includes finishing works. Ngoma also said that the facility would be used for Open Distance Learning (ODL), act as an Information Communication Technology (ICT) hub and a business center. He said that the remaining 72% of the work which includes painting, fixing window panes and doors, ceiling, roofing and other tasks will be completed by the contractor as agreed. Hopefully, if the project won’t face other constraints, the work would be complete by July 2018 as reported by Ngoma.


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