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Find your car in Malawi with Caryanga

Find your car in Malawi with Caryanga

Our partner Caryanga has become in six months of operation the most important classifieds website dedicated to cars. It helps thousands Malawian people to sell and buy cars every month. Users can search for any kind of cars and enjoy the visibility of Caryanga. The website is followed by 20,000 people on Facebook and its community is growing very fast.

As MyProperty Malawi and Caryanga propose the same kind of services but for different products, we think it’s a good idea to partner!

In March, the website has also launched its mobile app to help its users to sell and buy faster. The browsing is even easier because all the features are adapted to a smartphone.

Download the free mobile app to get a car everywhere by clicking on the button below:

You can visit the Caryanga website by following this link: www.caryanga.com/

Follow them on Facebook to see hundreds of listings every day: www.facebook.com/caryanga

Caryanga is part of Africar Group, you can follow the group at africargroup.com/, which also owns http://caryandi.com/ in Zambia.


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