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Airbnb Flourishes in South Africa though With a Lot of Concerns

Airbnb Flourishes in South Africa though With a Lot of Concerns

Tourism is the backbone of the economic growth in most of the African countries. For the better growth of tourism, most of the factors must be put in place for the smooth running and working towards the achievement of the customer’s satisfaction to the maximum. Transport networks, hotels, and restaurants are just but few critical areas where a standard is required.

Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service that assists people to lease or rent short-term lodgings. Airbnb therefore, makes it convenient for people to be assured of accommodation to their area of visit before starting the journey. So convenient to anyone who doesn’t go well with the last minute rush at the same time having to wait in the long queues in the name of booking lodging!
With the low market within the African states, the continent is one the fastest growing regions for the Airbnb investment. A study carried out in South African capital by Airbnb’s global head of public policy and public affairs Chris Lehane states that; Airbnb project has over 100000 listed properties believed to be hosting two million and above tourists within a span of five years. Chris highlighted that the company is planning to promote community-based tourism by investing $1million in the project for a period of three years.

Lehane went father and signed collaboration with Cape Town that will promote the city globally and encourage community development at the same time. He highlighted some of the Airbnb achievements by saying that the project has helped people create new economic opportunities for themselves in their homes and their communities. Airbnb investment has helped in creating more employment opportunities for the local citizens with a lucrative salary whereby a host in the Airbnb earns $1500 annually.

The head of destination promotions and marketing for the provincial Gauteng Tourism Authority, Baba Gaoganediwe highlighted the advantage that comes with the embracing of the economic sharing by the state. He stated that economic sharing helps in the closing of the economical gaps and opens up the market at the same time hence bringing in new players into the economy.
Federal Hospitality Association of South Africa CEO talked of the need of having a leveled playing field to all the participants in the tourism market. Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa emphasized on the need of reading on the same script of rules and regulation as others by the Airbnb. He, later on, noted despite the fact that Cape Town is offering the best operational grounds for Airbnb, there is also a need for the local authorities to revoke the illegal listings in the city’s suburbs.

Brett Herron the city’s mayoral committee member for Transport and Urban Development warned the investors who don’t follow the municipal planning laws that their licenses stand to be revoked.

Apart from South Africa, Namibia is also warning the homeowners that they should register an Airbnb rental property with the tourism authority failure to which they risk prosecution.


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